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Our Portfolio

Welcome to the dynamic world of CodeK, where innovation meets precision in the digital realm. At CodeK, we take pride in our portfolio, a testament to our unwavering dedication and the exceptional quality of our work.

A Symphony of Success

Explore our portfolio, and you’ll witness a symphony of diverse projects that showcase not just our technical prowess, but also our commitment to delivering excellence. From sleek website designs that captivate audiences to robust applications that redefine user experiences, each project is a masterpiece carefully crafted by our talented team.

Freshé – Restaurant Mobile App

Freshé, an avant-garde restaurant app, redefines the dining landscape, infusing innovation into every aspect. User-friendly and sleek, it crafts an elevated experience for patrons, while behind…

Monkey Coin – Coin Earning Game with Referrals and Daily Spinning Wheel.

Monkey Coin is an engaging and rewarding mobile application that offers users a fun …

Kickass Women – Mobile Application

The Kickass Women mobile app is a powerful and transformative platform designed to empower
women working in non-traditional roles within the Rail, Mining,Resources …

Smart konnect IoT Application

Smart Konnect is a bespoke IoT application custom-built for vendors, offering a white label solution for home automation. Leveraging the power of socket programming…

PromoPulse – Advertising and Referral App

PromoPulse is a dynamic and user-friendly mobile application that empowers users to advertise
products, services, and promotions while harnessing…

Handiman – Household Workers Service App

Handiman is a comprehensive and user-friendly mobile application designed to connect
homeowners with skilled and reliable household workers.

QARD – Storage Spot Reservation App

QARD is an innovative mobile application that revolutionizes the way users find and reserve
storage spots in different locations. The app offers a …

Zero Waste – Food Management and Donation App

Zero Waste is an innovative mobile application that aims to minimize food wastage and promote responsible consumption. The app …

BizWire – Advanced Job Search and Recruitment Platform

BizWire is an innovative and user-friendly job searching platform that introduces a modern approach to connecting recruiters with potential candidates.  The app leverages swipe-ba…

Metaverse Dog – Blockchain-based Application

Metaverse Dog is a cutting-edge mobile application that embraces blockchain technology to
create a unique and engaging…

DataBank – Educational Frontiers Application

DataBank is an innovative mobile application designed to empower educational frontiers with user-friendly tools for creating and managing questionnaires.

SOS Offroad – Emergency Assistance App

SOS Offroad is a lifesaving mobile application designed to provide emergency assistance and support to offroading communities. The app serves as a critical tool…

EventWhiz – Event Organization and Ticketing App

EventWhiz is an intuitive mobile application designed to streamline event organization,marketing, ticketing, and seat management.

NFS Courier – Package Delivery App

NFS Courier is an innovative and comprehensive package delivery app that revolutionizes the
way users and drivers handle package deliveries.

BabyCare – Empowering Easy Nights for Babies and Toddlers

BabyCare is a revolutionary mobile application designed to support parents and caregivers in providing the best care for their babies…

PainPoint – Modern Pain Tracker App

PainPoint is a cutting-edge pain tracker app designed to empower users in managing,understanding, and treating different types of pain effectively.

Naringi – The All-in-One Skillful Connection App

Naringi is an innovative and comprehensive skillful connection app that goes beyond traditional
worker services. It serves as…

MyTryb – Empowering Social Connections for Expats

MyTryb is a transformative social app designed to address the challenges faced by expats who often feel…

OttoBucks – Your All-in-One Car Service App

OttoBucks is a comprehensive and convenient car service app that brings a wide range of automotive solutions to your fingertips.

TaxiRecord – Minimalistic Taxi Video Recording App

TaxiRecord is a minimalist and efficient app designed for recording taxi videos to enhance safety…

InSafe Network – Your Comprehensive Safety App

InSafe Network is a robust and comprehensive safety app designed to ensure users’ security in various situations.

WSL Remit – Fast and Secure Money Transfer

WSL Remit is a cutting-edge fintech app that offers a comprehensive suite of financial services,
including instant and secure money transfers, currency …