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About Us

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Our Values

We here at Codek Technologies are a team of industry veterans with a combined experience of 5+ years in the app development and mobile consulting industry. We bring our experience on the table and help future app owners devise the perfect product strategy for their app.

Our voyage starts with a goal. We do not simply write code; rather, we craft experiences. Together with you, our team of visionary thinkers and strategists analyses your unique challenges and opportunities. We assist you in imagining what is possible and create a road map for turning your concepts into digital realities.

Excellence is our standard and coding is our native tongue. Our skilled group of developers and technologists are experts in their field. Whether it’s web or mobile applications, robust backend systems, or complex algorithms, we execute your vision with precision and imagination.

Timely Deliveries and keep up the Quality Services


OUR MISSION: Bringing Value to Your Business

Our MISSION is to provide scalable and simplified IT-enabled products & services with a constant emphasis on engineering, process quality, and customer satisfaction in Travel, Business, eCommerce & IoT business areas.

Tools and Technology Stacks

Web Development Frameworks/Libraries

NodeJS, ReactJS, Redux, RTK Query, SocketIO, Jest, ExpressJS, Mongoose, Sequelize(ORM), PWA, Firebas.

Development Tools & IDEs

VSCode. XCode, Android Studio.

Mobile Development Framework


Cloud Platforms:

AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud.

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Our Team

Meet Our Team: A dynamic blend of diverse talents and expertise, our team is the driving force behind our success.

Muhammad Shahzaib

Co Founder

Hamza Shabir

Software Engineer

Tayyab Amam

DevOps Engineer