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Project Overview:

BizWire is an innovative and user-friendly job searching platform that introduces a modern approach to connecting recruiters with potential candidates. The app leverages swipe-based recruitment, enabling recruiters to browse through user profiles and efficiently select the most suitable candidates for job positions. On the other hand, job seekers can create detailed profiles, customize their CVs from templates, and gain insights into which recruiters have shown interest in their profiles. BizWire facilitates in-app meetings between recruiters and candidates, streamlining the hiring process and enhancing the overall recruitment experience.

Key Features:

Swipe-Based Recruitment

BizWire introduces a novel swiping feature for recruiters to browse through user profiles. Recruiters can swipe right to shortlist potential candidates and swipe left to pass on candidates
who are not a good fit.

Candidate Shortlisting and Favorites

Recruiters can shortlist and add potential candidates to their favorites list, making it convenient to revisit and review promising profiles for further assessment.

Privacy and Visibility Controls

BizWire empowers users with control over their profile visibility. Job seekers can choose which recruiters can view their profiles, ensuring a targeted approach to their job search.

Real-Time Notifications

BizWire sends real-time notifications to users for various activities, such as new job listings, profile views, interview requests, and more. This keeps users engaged and informed throughout their job search journey.

In-App Meetings

The app enables recruiters to schedule in-app meetings with shortlisted candidates directly through the platform. This feature streamlines the interview process and facilitates seamless communication.

Candidate Insights

Job seekers receive notifications and insights about which recruiters have shown interest in their profiles. This feature provides valuable feedback and helps candidates gauge their potential job opportunities.

User-Friendly Interface

The app boasts a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it easy for both recruiters and candidates to navigate and use the platform effectively.

Profile Customization

Job seekers can create comprehensive profiles, showcasing their skills, experiences, and achievements. They can also customize their CVs using pre-designed templates to present their
qualifications professionally.

Job Listings and Filters

The app features a comprehensive job listing section, where job seekers can explore a wide range of job opportunities. Users can apply filters to refine their job search based on location, industry, experience level, and more.


BizWire stands as an advanced job searching and recruitment platform that revolutionizes the hiring process for both recruiters and job seekers. With its swipe-based recruitment, in-app meetings, profile customization, and insightful candidate feedback, BizWire offers a modern and efficient solution to connect talent with job opportunities. By prioritizing user privacy, providing
real-time notifications, and offering a user-friendly experience, BizWire aims to become the go-to platform for talent acquisition and job search, fostering meaningful connections between
recruiters and candidates in the competitive job market.