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Monkey Coin

Technology Stack

React Native, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Push Notifications, Firebase Auth, Referral System, Gamification, Payment Gateway Integration

Project Overview

Monkey Coin is an engaging and rewarding mobile application that offers users a fun and interactive coin earning game experience. The app incorporates a referral system and a daily spinning wheel, enabling users to accumulate coins and redeem them for real cash rewards.
Developed with a focus on gamification and user engagement, Monkey Coin provides a unique and entertaining way for users to earn rewards while enjoying exciting gameplay.

Key Features

Coin Earning Game

The core feature of Monkey Coin is the coin earning game, where users participate in various entertaining activities, such as completing fun challenges, watching video ads, and completing surveys. These activities reward users with coins that contribute to their overall earnings.

Referral System

Monkey Coin encourages user growth through a robust referral system. Users can invite their friends and family to join the app using a unique referral link. When new users sign up using the referral link, both the referrer and the referred user receive bonus coins as an incentive, promoting user acquisition and retention.

Push Notifications and Reminders

Monkey Coin utilizes push notifications to remind users about the daily spinning wheel, new earning opportunities, and any exclusive promotions. These notifications serve as gentle reminders and enhance user engagement

Daily Spinning Wheel

To keep users engaged and excited, Monkey Coin features a daily spinning wheel where users can spin to win bonus coins, additional rewards, or other exclusive surprises. The daily spinning wheel adds an element of surprise and anticipation, encouraging users to
return to the app regularly.


Monkey Coin is a dynamic and rewarding mobile application that provides users with an enjoyable and interactive coin earning experience. With its coin earning game, referral system, daily spinning wheel, and real cash redemption feature, the app offers a unique and engaging way for users to earn rewards while having fun. Designed to promote user engagement and
retention, Monkey Coin stands as a successful example of gamification and incentive-based app development

Coin Redemption for Real Cash

One of the most rewarding aspects of Monkey Coin is its coin redemption system. As users accumulate coins, they can redeem them for real cash rewards through various payment methods, making the app not only entertaining but also financially beneficial.
User Profiles and Progress Tracking
Each user has a personalized profile that showcases their current coin balance, referral history, and progress within the app. The profile allows users to monitor their achievements and see their growth over time.