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Promo Pulse

Project Overview:

PromoPulse is a dynamic and user-friendly mobile application that empowers users to advertise products, services, and promotions while harnessing the power of a robust referral system. The
app provides a platform for users to showcase their ads in a community-oriented environment, connecting advertisers with potential customers. Additionally, PromoPulse offers a dedicated
section for promotional ads, ensuring optimal exposure and engagement for advertised content.

Key Features:

User Advertising

PromoPulse enables users to create and publish their own ads, showcasing their products, services, or special promotions. The app offers a user-friendly ad creation tool, allowing users to design attractive and engaging advertisements.

Referral System

To incentivize growth, PromoPulse incorporates a powerful referral system. Users can invite friends and contacts to join the app using unique referral links. Both the referrer and the referred users earn rewards, driving user acquisition and engagement.

Promotional Ads Section

PromoPulse features a dedicated section to showcase promotional ads. These ads are curated to provide users with exciting deals, discounts, and offers, driving engagement and attracting more users to the platform.

Push Notifications

PromoPulse utilizes push notifications to keep users informed about new ads, referral rewards, and special promotions. This proactive approach enhances user engagement and encourages users to explore new content regularly.

Community Ad Display

PromoPulse fosters a vibrant community by displaying ads within the app. Users can
browse through a diverse range of ads, creating opportunities for advertisers to connect with potential customers interested in their offerings.

Ad Analytics

Advertisers gain access to ad performance analytics, enabling them to track views,
clicks, and conversions. These insights help advertisers make data-driven decisions to
optimize their ad campaigns and drive better results.


PromoPulse stands as a versatile and feature-rich advertising and referral app that connects advertisers with their target audience. Through community ad displays, a referral system, and admin promotion features, the app ensures optimal visibility for advertised content. The dedicated section for promotional ads further enhances user engagement, attracting users with exciting deals and offers. With its user-friendly interface and ad analytics, PromoPulse empowers advertisers to drive effective marketing campaigns and grow their businesses while offering users a rewarding and engaging experience within the app.

Admin Ad Promotion

The app grants admin privileges to designated users, allowing them to promote specific ads to enhance visibility and reach. Admins can strategically highlight ads to maximize exposure and generate more leads for advertisers.

User Profile and Activity Tracking

Each user has a personalized profile that showcases their ads, referral history, and
activity within the app. This feature empowers users to monitor their advertising efforts and track the impact of their promotional activities.