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Smart konnect IoT

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Project Overview:

Smart Konnect is a bespoke IoT application custom-built for vendors, offering a white-label solution for home automation. Leveraging the power of socket programming, the app allow
vendors to connect and communicate with a variety of IoT devices available in the network, such as lights, fans, music systems, and more. With Smart Konnect, vendors can offer their customers a unique and personalized home automation experience under their own brand.

Key Features:

IoT Device Connectivity:

Smart Konnect establishes a secure socket connection with compatible IoT devices available in the network. This connection allows users to control and monitor their smart devices from the convenience of their smartphones.

Lighting Control:

Users can remotely turn lights on or off, adjust brightness levels, and even change color settings if the IoT lights support it. The app enables users to create customized lighting scenes for different occasions.

Scheduling and Automation:

Smart Konnect offers scheduling and automation features, enabling users to set timers and routines for their IoT devices. For example, users can schedule lights to turn on at sunset or set the fan to turn off automatically after a specific duration.


Smart Konnect is a cutting-edge IoT application that revolutionizes home automation, providing users with a centralized platform to control and manage various smart devices. With socket
programming, users can conveniently connect with IoT lights, fans, music systems, and more, offering a personalized and convenient home automation experience. Smart Konnect stands as
a remarkable solution for modern households, offering enhanced comfort, energy and efficiency.

Fan Control:

Smart Konnect allows users to control the speed and direction of smart fans in real-time.Users can set fan speed preferences and automate fan behavior based on room
temperature or occupancy.

Energy Monitoring:

The app provides energy monitoring capabilities for compatible IoT devices. Users can track energy consumption of connected devices and make informed decisions to optimize energy usage.

Music Playback:

The app seamlessly integrates with IoT music systems, allowing users to manage music playback, volume, and track selection from their smartphones. Users can create playlists and set personalized music routines.

User-Friendly Interface:

Smart Konnect boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface that ensures seamless navigation and easy device management. The app provides a visually appealing control panel for effortless device interactions.