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SOS Offroad

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Project Overview:

SOS Offroad is a lifesaving mobile application designed to provide emergency assistance and support to offroading communities. The app serves as a critical tool for individuals engaged in
offroading adventures in remote or challenging terrains. SOS Offroad enables users to quickly request help, connect with nearby offroaders, and access essential emergency services in times
of distress. With real-time location sharing and community support, SOS Offroad aims to enhance the safety and security of offroaders during their outdoor adventures.

Key Features:

Emergency SOS Alert

SOS Offroad features an emergency SOS alert system that allows users to send distress signals in critical situations. With a single tap, offroaders can summon help from the community and emergency services.

Real-Time Location Sharing

The app incorporates real-time location sharing, enabling users to share their precise location with the community and emergency responders. This feature expedites rescue efforts and ensures that aid reaches off roaders promptly.

Emergency Service Integration

SOS Offroad integrates with local emergency services, providing offroaders with access to professional assistance when needed. Users can reach out to local authorities directly through the app in case of severe emergencies.

User-Friendly Interface

The app features a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it easy for offroaders to access critical features during emergencies.

Community Support and Nearby Offroaders

SOS Offroad fosters a strong community bond among offroaders. Users can connect
with nearby offroaders who are available and willing to provide assistance or support during emergencies.

Safety Tips and Guides

The app offers a wealth of safety tips and guides for offroaders to prepare for their
adventures. Users can access information on how to navigate challenging terrains,
handle emergencies, and equip themselves for safer offroading experiences.


SOS Offroad stands as a life-saving app designed to ensure the safety and security of offroading communities. With its emergency SOS alert, real-time location sharing, community support, and integration with emergency services, SOS Offroad provides a critical lifeline to
offroaders in distress. By promoting community engagement, offering safety guides, and functioning in offline mode, the app aims to empower offroaders with the knowledge and support necessary for safer and more enjoyable offroading experiences. SOS Offroad is a valuable
addition to the offroading community, fostering a sense of camaraderie and protection during their adventurous journeys.

Customizable Emergency Contacts

Users can pre-set emergency contacts within the app, such as family members or
friends, who will be alerted when an SOS signal is activated. This feature ensures that loved ones are promptly informed of the offroader’s situation.

Offline Mode Support

SOS Offroad is equipped to function in areas with limited or no network connectivity. Offroaders can use essential features, such as the SOS alert and offline maps, even in remote regions.