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TaxiRecord Taxi Video Recording App

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Project Overview:

TaxiRecord is a minimalist and efficient app designed for recording taxi videos to enhance
safety, security, and accountability. The app utilizes IoT technology to sync video recordings to
the cloud, providing a reliable storage solution. TaxiRecord caters to both drivers and managers,
offering seamless access to recordings for review, analysis, and improved overall safety

Key Features:

Effortless Video Recording

TaxiRecord offers a simple and intuitive interface for drivers to initiate video recording
during taxi journeys with just a single tap. The app ensures a hassle-free experience,
allowing drivers to focus on their primary task while maintaining safety and security.

Cloud Synchronization with IoT

The app uses IoT technology to automatically sync video recordings to the cloud in
real-time. This cloud-based storage solution ensures that video files are securely backed
up and accessible from anywhere, eliminating the risk of data loss.

Video Playback and Analysis

The app allows drivers and managers to playback video recordings directly within the
app, enabling thorough analysis of each journey for safety, compliance, and customer
service purposes.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Managers have access to a user-friendly dashboard where they can view and manage
video recordings for multiple taxis. The dashboard streamlines the review process and
allows for efficient oversight.


TaxiRecord is a minimalist and efficient app tailored for recording taxi videos and syncing them
to the cloud using IoT technology. With its user-friendly interface, secure data management,
real-time incident reporting, and geolocation tracking, TaxiRecord enhances safety, security, and
accountability for taxi journeys. The app’s accessibility to both drivers and managers ensures
seamless video review and analysis, contributing to improved safety standards and customer
service in the taxi industry. Embrace the power of reliable video recording and cloud
synchronization with TaxiRecord—an app designed to elevate taxi journey safety and

Secure Data Management

TaxiRecord prioritizes data security and privacy, ensuring that all video recordings are
encrypted and stored securely in the cloud. Access to recordings is restricted to
authorized personnel, adding an extra layer of protection.

Real-Time Incident Reporting

In case of any incidents or emergencies during the journey, drivers can initiate a
real-time incident report that tags the corresponding video segment. This feature aids in
documenting critical moments for further review and investigation.

Data Storage Management

The app optimizes data storage by allowing managers to set retention policies for video
recordings. This ensures that video files are retained for the required duration without
unnecessary storage costs.

Access for Drivers and Managers

Both drivers and managers have access to the app’s features. Drivers can review and
manage their own video recordings, while managers can access recordings for all taxis
under their supervision.

Geolocation Tracking

TaxiRecord utilizes GPS technology to track the exact location of each taxi during
recording. This information provides valuable insights into the route taken and ensures

Offline Mode

In areas with limited or no internet connectivity, TaxiRecord operates in offline mode,
temporarily storing recordings locally until a connection is restored for cloud