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Zero Waste FMD App

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Project Overview:

Zero Waste is an innovative mobile application that aims to minimize food wastage and promote responsible consumption. The app offers a QR scanner that allows users to efficiently manage
their day-to-day food needs. Users can scan the items they have in their kitchen, categorize them, and decide whether to consume the food themselves or donate it to others in need. Additionally, the app rewards users with in-app points for every successful food donation, encouraging a culture of sustainability and giving back to the community.

Key Features:

QR Scanner for Food Inventory

Zero Waste incorporates a QR scanner that users can use to quickly scan and categorize the items in their kitchen. The app then generates an inventory of available food items for easy management.

Food Consumption Tracking

Users can track the consumption of food items through the app, ensuring that they utilize the items before they expire or go to waste.

Expiration Reminders

Zero Waste sends timely reminders to users about the upcoming expiration dates of their food items. This feature encourages users to consume or donate the items before they go to waste.

User-Friendly Interface

The app boasts a user-friendly interface that ensures a seamless and enjoyable
experience for users. Navigation, scanning, and donation processes are intuitive and
easy to follow.

Food Donation Platform

Zero Waste provides a platform for users to donate excess food items to charities or
individuals in need. The app connects users with local food banks and organizations,
making the donation process seamless.

Community Engagement

The app fosters a sense of community by connecting users with like-minded individuals and organizations that prioritize reducing food wastage. Users can share tips, ideas, and success stories within the app’s community forum.


Zero Waste is a purpose-driven app that empowers users to reduce food wastage, promote responsible consumption, and contribute to their communities. With its QR scanner, for donation platform, in-app rewards, and sustainable living tips, the app fosters a culture of mindful and eco-friendly living. Zero Waste aims to make a meaningful impact on food wastage
reduction, inspiring users to actively participate in creating a more sustainable and compassionate world.

In-App Points for Donations

As a gesture of appreciation, the app rewards users with in-app points for every
successful food donation. These points can be used for various benefits within the app,
motivating users to participate in reducing food wastage.

Sustainable Living Tips

Zero Waste offers users valuable tips and insights on sustainable living and reducing
food wastage. The app encourages eco-friendly practices and empowers users to make conscious decisions about their food consumption.